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Nipple piercings and pierced nipples. And then some.

RU asked:

I’ve got a question. I had my nipples pierced about 4 years ago. After about 2 years, one of the piercings was rejected - I believe the piercer just did a bad job (I had no problems prior with the piercings, infection wise) and I removed it.

I want to re-pierce it but I am unsure whether or not my nipple has properly healed (even after many years) as an odorless puss occasionally comes from the nipple where the piercing was tearing slightly (very small area). This usually happens when I’ve been in water. What would you advise as far as re-piercing goes? I would like to re-pierce it in the same direction.

The more technical answers are provided by licensed piercer a-modestproposal. (Follow his Tumblr!)

Answer by a-modestproposal

That would make me believe that the piercing is still open some what. The odor might be a puss or discharge that is holding the hole open for the piercing. 

I would have a professional QUALIFIED Piercer look at the situation and assess whether a new piercing would be possible. There is a limited amount I can do without seeing the piercing. 

I would assume it can be re-pierced but again that would be something I will want to see in person to confirm. 

— a-modestproposal

— 1 year ago
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