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Blonde on Black” in the Nude : Ajak Deng, Ataui Deng, Alek Wek + More By Mario Testino For Vogue Germany, March 2014

Vogue Germany redefines the meaning of black and white images in these splendid Mario Testino shots of Jeneil Williams, Melodie Monrose, Ajak Deng, Ataui Deng, Cora Emanuel, Anais Mali, and Alek Wek, styled by Lori Goldstein. /Hair by Orlando Pita; makeup by James Kaliardos

And a great nipple piercing on Melodie Monrose to boot.

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Fresh nipple piercings, weight, and hot yoga?

Anonymous asked:

Hi there! I read the FAQ for a good while but still looking for an opinion. I plan on getting my nipples pierced soon, and at the moment I do Hot Yoga and will start some more intensive exercise in the next week or so.

Would it be beneficial to wait until I reach my goal weight (-15 lbs) ?

I know if I keep up with the aftercare I should be okay, but with all the sweating in hot yoga and all the moment afterwards, might it slow or negatively affect the healing process? thanks so much! xo

More technical answers are provided by licensed piercer a-modestproposal. (Follow his Tumblr!)

Answer by a-modestproposal

Your weight won’t affect the healing.

Sweating is not going to hurt. But you will need to make sure you keep up with cleaning and making sure there isn’t additional moisture afterwards.

Since sweat is essentially salty perspiration it won’t harm the piercings. 

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Definitely not a daily wearer but super cute and fun!!!! What do you think? ;)


Definitely not a daily wearer but super cute and fun!!!! What do you think? ;)

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I've had my nips done just over 6 months. I feel like the bars they pierced me with are a little short because they tend to have a pinching feeling; like they're sinking in a bit, esp if my nips aren't hard. Think a longer bar would help?


Sounds like longer bars will help. If the piercings have healed well (which they just about might be after six months) you shouldn’t have much of a problem with switching, but please go to a professional for advice, options and good quality jewelry.

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